As a Petro-Canada™ marketer, Dall Contracting Ltd. can help fulfill your on-site refuelling needs. When it comes to bulk fuel in Fort Nelson and across Yukon, we are always ready with everything you need to help increase your operational efficiency and productivity with on-site refueling. Whether you need bulk fuel in Fort Nelson or across Yukon for commercial or residential servicing,Your vehicles and equipment will always be ready to go when your drivers are ready for their next shift.

Why Choose On-Site Refuelling?

Whether you are looking for on-site refueling for a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, we are here to offer you complete refueling options. We deliver fuel directly to your vehicles or equipment whenever it is necessary. Rely on us for on-site refueling services in Yukon and enhance the productivity of your work.


With Dall Contracting Ltd by your side, ease the burden of purchasing and managing the process of fueling your vehicles. We also provide bulk fuel delivery to remote locations. When it comes to refueling options, we have you covered. We also supply high-quality industrial lubricants.